Windscreen repair (Q&A)

pirms pēc plaisu remonta

What should I do if the car window glass was cracked after it was hit by a stone?

You should trust the experience of “Triplex” since our company occupies a leading position in the area of auto window glass repairs and replacement. The technology of repairing the windshields allows you to reduce your expenses substantially, as well as prevent premature destruction of the window glass.

What is the procedure of the repair works?

If the window glass is damaged – the end of the crack is being fixed by drilling, afterwards the damage area is being filled with a special polymer, that has optical qualities of a regular window glass. The consolidation of the polymer is being effected with a help of special UV irradiation.

Why the repair works can not be postponed or delayed?

Due to the fact that together with moisture the crack is being filled with dirt (chemical substances, car shampoo, etc), if the repair works are delayed, the repair process becomes more complicated and the quality result can not be guaranteed.

Can the damage area be visually seen after the repair works are done?

Due to the optical qualities of the polymer, it is possible to save the limpidity and color of the window glass. After the repair is done, the only thing left is a point where the drilling was done. In 95% cases it is possible to stop the spreading of the crack, but the repair area remains fully invisible only in 70% of cases.

What is the maximum length of the crack that can be repaired?

It is possible to repair cracks of any length, however, the repair is considered to be profitable if its cost does not exceed 50% of the cost for the total window glass replacement.

How long does it take to repair or replace the window glass?

On the average it takes 30-45 min to repair the window glass. Window glass replacement takes from 1,5 up to 3 hours.

Do the insureance companies pay for the window glass repair works?

Almost all insurance companies recommend the window glass repair as the best method to prevent further development of the window glass crack. Please ask the manager of “Triplex” in case of the window glass damage and we will consult with your insurance company.